Posted by: Opinicus | October 11, 2010

Proofreading, Please Do It.

I walk into the bar and order a bear then I drain it in one gulp and I say to the bartender “so, when do you get off I want to get to know you more I dont know why I’m talking to you I;m usually more resurged.” Then I eat some peanuts and finnish my beer.

Have you ever been in an online game and read something like this? What kind of voice are you reading it in? Personally, it’s the same voice I think of when I hear; “Hello, welcome to Walmart, I love you.”  I don’t care if the character is Karastan, Lord of the Aether, Dispoiler of the 4th layer of Hell, Tamer of the Beast of Stomwolch. You sound like a mentally handicapped myconid. Spelling, punctuation, grammar, these are the tools to making your character sound mighty, or at least in full command of his facilities.  You throw this crap out, and automatically your character is losing respect.

On top of that, there is no sense of time. It all flows out at the same rate, making it feel like you are doing everything in almost at the same time. Pauses people! Use them! It gives depth and a sense of measure to your speech. How do you put in a pause in written text? Well… you see, there’s this nifty thing in the English language called a PERIOD, it looks like a dot. Usually found on the bottom right corner of the keyboard. That stands for the END OF A BLOODY SENTENCE! String three of them together and it’s called an ellipsis, also used to show a pause among other things. Tools for giving your awesome character the respect he/she/it deserves.

Now, it’s understandable if you omit things or your spelling/grammar is bad and what not, it’s fine, I understand that the proficiency people have with the written word varies from person to person. All I’m asking is that before you hit that post button, please read what you’ve written. Does it sound good? Read it out loud if you have to. If it sounds weird to you, who had the idea in you head, how is it going to sound to someone that doesn’t have a clue what you were intending to write? Spend just a little more effort in clarity, and it will pay you back in droves.

Of course, this is with a play-by-post game, where one post a day is usually good.  If you’re in a much faster paced game, It’s probably okay to let some things slide, like capitalization. If the period is there, they’ve already read the pause. Minor spelling errors, not too good, but I’ve often read words and not even realized that they were misspelled (spell-checker is my lifesaver!) Grammar is a bit tougher, it keeps the flow of the sentence. Work on this people.

Please, think of the roleplayers.

Opinicus, usually the most angered by the grammar nazis, is now feeling a bit dirty being one. Signing out.

P.S. I’m being a bit of a hypocrite, I didn’t proofread this post too much, but then, I’m getting pressed to do other shit right now. (I’ll update in a sec AHT! Keep your pants on!)



  1. As a side note, speaking without any contractions will force me to imagine that your character sounds like Marlon Brando circa the Godfather.

    • You come into my house on the day my daughter is to be married, to tell me that I do not talk with contractions.

  2. Personally, my main issue with a post in a play-by-post or play-by-email game is when the post doesn’t move the story along at all – it’s just the player typing “Tyrenicus silently sips his beer and watches the others argue over their next course of action.” Well, thanks Tyrenicus, but that’s all you’ve done for your last 4 posts, now when are you guys going to make a decision?

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